We are excited to announce our transition from Mid America Mortgage, Inc. to Click n’ Close, Inc.

5% Down Payment Assistance Program

Click n’ Close has partnered with a non-profit to expand homeownership opportunities nationwide. This program combines an FHA-insured, 30-year first mortgage with a second lien that is fully forgivable after 5 years. The second lien funds meet FHA’s minimum required investment guidelines and can be used by the borrower towards their down payment and/or closing costs.

A Home for Misfit Loans

We offer a competitive alternative take-out for displaced loans stuck on your warehouse line or in portfolio. Click n’ Close can bid loans within 48 hours:

Bid Tape Template

Our Process is Simple

Loans We Buy


Reserve/Bid Loan

Email loan information to tradedesk@clicknclose.com


Loan Registration

Submit Fannie Mae 3.2 or MISMO 3.4 data file.


Loan Review

Images submitted via DocVelocity portal. Loan underwritten prior to approval of purchase.


Collateral Review

We provide detailed collateral preparation and submission instructions.



Preparation of purchase advice and confirmation of wire instructions.

Mid America Mortgage, Inc. Correspondent

Email The Trade Desk Trade Inquiries Only

Email Julas Hollie Sales Director

Email Jacob Morris Trading Associate

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